Crypto miner

Any chance we could get the program used in this video as a package for DietPi?

Video of the install on raspberry pi (he has other cpus he installed on)

Writeup and links:


Neato!!! Definitely would be cool to get the idle CPU of the processors to chip away at bitcoins…definitely won’t be a powerhouse…but at sub 15watts on most of the processors…maybe it could help

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Very few coins can be profitably mined with CPUs anymore. MagiCoin (XMG) is one of them. Actually, you pay a penalty for throwing too MUCH hash at it - number of coins returned are inversely proportional to total network hash rate. Weird, yeah, but it seems to work. Anyhow… Wolf’s m7m cpuminer works well. So do the miners linked from the MagiCoin web site.

For other algorithms, look to tanguy pruvot’s cpuminer-multi.

Compile instructions are straightforward. These little SBCs aren’t powerful enough to HAVE “spare” cpu power. You’ll want to dedicate a whole board to it if you do this, which pretty much means you’ll want to pare the system down to absolute bare bone running software to maximize hash time. This means DietPi really isn’t the best choice of OS image for a miner. It will work just fine, though.

That all said, I think it is not appropriate to place cryptomining software hooks into dietpi-software.

i have been tried using Odroid C1, and then install node.js to mine Monero(XMR) using coinhive. It works with 3-5 H/s. Maybe is there a 64bit OS version for Rpi 3, i would tried.

Yes I am running the Pruvot mining app into OrangePi Zero Plus and OrangePi PC2 (both 64 bit). Now I am new here. I want to test this dostro for my SBC. The most important problem for miners is to install MALI-GPUs drivers. And expecially the OpenCL support to mine with CPU and, AND, GPUs. Please if you know some guy that started to mine with GPUs write here!

Maybe this will help


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Thanks for you reply but the link doesn’t work. Could you post the title of it so we can search for? Many thanks!!

It was the same links as in first posting.


Crypto Mining on SBC


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Thanks. All what I am searching for is to mine with the GPU Mali that is in this single board computers!!! Have you heard about it? Thanks.

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