Create new driver for Quectel BG96

Hello folks!
I am trying to connect my Odroid SBC with the internet using a cellular modem.
Seems to be a bit tricky but luckaly I knew there is a very common Quectel modem named BG96 and it is also available as USB dongle

Would it make sense to develop a new Debian based driver. Especially the combination with Quectel GobNet would make sense as it emulates an network interface which comes pretty handy. Here are the full details regarding drivers for Linux:

Anyone experienced enough help me at this point?

Thank you very much and really appreciate the work you guys invest in DietPi :slight_smile:

You mean a Linux driver? Which distro doesn’t really play a role, but the Linux version/build.

But we are no kernel developers and if the hardware is not open source, hard to develop a driver. You need to ask the manufacturer for this.

Thanks @MichaIng for your response.
Ok got it. After some research i noticed it has been mentioned in the Quectel manuals as well that it requires Linux kernel version 2.6.34 or higher.

The download link I provided above contains a PDF manual which explains the procedure to add it to the kernel resources.

Will try it on my own to add the driver according to the manual. Would it be possible to add this generally to the next releases or to automate it somehow to install this driver?

That all hidden behind a 406 MiB download, no Git or other separate provision of the driver sources… And most recent Linux version the driver is available for is v5.3, hence that download isn’t maintained anymore since end of 2019. That may or may not compile well on Linux 5.15.

The only thing you can do to get this added to Linux distributions is to ask the manufacturer to contribute this driver to upstream Linux sources, which also guarantees, when accepted, some level of quality.

Usually we do not implement such specific drivers for such individual cases.