Create Docker image

Hi guys,

I am trying to create a Docker image from a VM using the dietpi-installer script. Unfortunately without success.

As VM I use a Virtualbox DietPi image.

After some time I get the following error message for this APT command (see attachment).

Is there possibly a ready to use Docker image from DietPi?

Well, you have a challenge to resolve host name, means DNS is not working on the system you are trying to run the installer on.

We don’t have a docker imager as it’s doesn’t make really sense to create a DietPi system in Docker. Because the whole configuration of a Docker container would need to be done before the container is created. Means you already need to define all ports and directories you like to have on your container. If you go to install some apps later on, they might not be reachable as the port is not defined on the container and you would need to create a complete new container.

Hmm, ok.

I don’t understand why it came to this. Because before I could update the system with apt-get update and apt-get upgrade without problems.

When I exit the script, I also no longer have an internet connection.

Thanks for the help.
I’ll try to find a solution.

have a look to the output of the script. There migt be an indication what have been done before. Check notwork settings if they still fit.