Create a Wireless to Ethernet Access Point (2023)

What would be the easiest way to setup up a wireless to Ethernet access point ?

I have an old printer that only has a Ethernet port and would like to connect it to the internet using a raspberry pi

I’ve followed some guides without much success…

I must be doing something wrong :thinking:

I think my issue is with these two steps:

6. Within this file we need to add the following lines, make sure you replace eth0 with the correct interface of your ethernet.

interface eth0
static ip_address=        
static routers=

10. Now that we have our new file created we want to add the lines below.

These lines basically tell the dnsmasq package how to handle DNS and DHCP traffic.

interface=eth0       # Use interface eth0  
listen-address=   # Specify the address to listen on  
bind-dynamic         # Bind to the interface
server=       # Use Google DNS  
domain-needed        # Don't forward short names  
bogus-priv           # Drop the non-routed address spaces.  
dhcp-range=,,12h # IP range and lease time 

Should the “static IP” be the one, that my router gave to my raspberry pi ?
As for “static routers” what am I suppose to input ? The gateway address from my router ?
As for “listen-address” i’m also clueless

PS: It would be nice to have an utility in DietPi that would automatically set this up, as I’ve seen others asking for the same feature.

Maybe under the HotSpot utility one could chose if it wants Ethernet to WiFi or Wifi to ethernet.

Thanks in advance for your help !

Raspberry Pi has such wifi that it’s not worthy to waste your time on it. You can find much better access points for less money, ready to work without any configurations and mambo jumbo.

This guys howto’s usually work pretty well

Give this one a try, it has a script that might work

And this one, it seems it needs to be setup as a bridge, you have to use your IP address scheme assigned from your internal router, if you change it, then it’s not longer a bridge but a NAT setup

This is a straight up script that will do all of it automatically, as long as your ethernet is eth0, and your wifi is wlan0, you would have to change it if your devices were not shown as in the script, there are pre-reqs programs needed installed before using this script (explained in script)