Create a LXC container

Hello all,

Has anyone tried making a LXC container for Proxmox for Dietpi? I can see some considerable benefit to having something like this.

I’ve tried a couple times, and no dice.

I’ll continue trying but if anyone has done this, let me know.

We have container images available: Index of /downloads/images

The problem is that they contain an fstab which tries to mount root and boot partition. We need to remove any drive handling from those, which is not required or even conflicting with most container platforms.

Another issue is that they did not contain a network stack. AFAIK LXC containers are expected to configure their own network e.g. via ifupdown? We need to create two container image types, one with network support and one in cases where this host network is used directly.

Linking the related GitHub issue: Image | LXC container · Issue #5204 · MichaIng/DietPi · GitHub

Just dropping by to say Hi, as a huge Proxmox and now DietPi fan and of course I would also endorse an “official” (or without quotes as a matter of fact) LXC image for Proxmox (or bare LXD).

I’ll follow this tread and the changelog if anything comes up. Also gladly test it out.