CPU temp Running hot, not recommended

I’m using DietPi as a base for my PiHole device on a Rpi 3 B+

I recently updated to 7.4.2

I’m now noticing that the CPU temp is Running hot, not recommended ( 60’C : 140’F)

How will you advise to find the root cause of this?

side question, any way to be notify of the increase of temperature on my mac or iDevice?


You could install a fan to reduce temperature. In general it’s hard to find out what could cause it. Usually it’s CPU usage. You could have a look for running process using htop.

DietPi themselves did not offer any notification system outside the DietPi device.

Have you overclocked?

Might also see if you can use cpufrequtils (dietpi-config advanced overclocking) and set to conservative and lower the low speed cpu when idle


For Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+, the PCB technology has been changed to provide better heat dissipation and increased thermal mass. In addition, a soft temperature limit has been introduced, with the goal of maximising the time for which a device can “sprint” before reaching the hard limit at 85°C. When the soft limit is reached, the clock speed is reduced from 1.4GHz to 1.2GHz, and the operating voltage is reduced slightly. This reduces the rate of temperature increase: we trade a short period at 1.4GHz for a longer period at 1.2GHz. By default, the soft limit is 60°C, and this can be changed via the temp_soft_limit setting in config.txt.

ok I edited my /boot/config.txt




let see if it’s become better

by putting
you set it to stock

set it to temp_soft_limit=70 and that should fix it

dietpi-banner is giving hard coded information regarding colour code and comments. They are displayed according CPU temperature. I guess there is no real deviation if this is fine on this device or not. Best to my knowledge it’s quite generic. Maybe I’m wrong.