Could not login anymore by SSH


Release 10, buster image:
After a reboot, I suddently could not login by ssh anymore. I could ping the Pi’s IP and the connection looked all good, nmap returned me some weird timeout messages though.
I hooked up one of my screens with HDMI and see that the boot process stopped and it asks me to login with the root pwd, i did and executed jornalctl -xb, there’s a lof info and at the end it says:

systemd[391]: emergency.service: Executable /bin/plymouth missing, skiiping: No such file or directory
Subject: Process /bin/plymouth could not e executed
Defined by: systemd

The process /bin/plymouth could not be executed and failed.

I thought I probably should report this, it doesn’t sound like that’s part of the plan, is it?

I installed plymouth with apt, rebooted and the process stopped again, this time, after entering my password, it said:

bash: /DietPI/dietpi/func/dietepi-globals: No such file or directory
[FAILED] DietPi-Login | Failed to load DietPi-Globals. Skipping DietPi login scripts...

I’m not sure how I messed things up nor what dietpi-gobals is…
My /DietPi/ is empty…but I guess I found dietpi-globals on from where I can download and netcat it across (since ssh is not working…) okay, that’s what i did, reboot and the same message about a missing /DietPI/dietpi/func/dietepi-globals - even though I just created it, /DietPi/ is empty again… what’s going on? How do I solve this?

It looks like the RAMdisk failed to mount, please paste the following from server:

journalctl -u DietPi.mount
tail /var/tmp/dietpi/logs/dietpi-ramdisk.log

/DietPi is the mount point for our scripts, a tmpfs, the scripts are located at /boot persistently.

And if you don’t need Plymouth for a particular boot screen overlay/logo, purge it, it is not required.

Thanks for the response but to be honest. I left DietPi aside and ahve moved to Raspbian lite instead by now (for the time being). It does the trick for me too. Thanks anyways!