Copy speed via Samba AND SFTP is HORRIBLY SLOW

I’ve tried ext4, NTFS AND freaking exFAT. Copy speed absolutely sucks.

I’m using a Raspberry Pi 4 with 4GB of RAM. It has Gigabit Ethernet and is connected to an Asus AC68U.
My harddrive is a 2TB 7200rpm USB 3.1 drive. It’s max copy speed is 120MB/s.

I’m trying to copy to my Laptop which has an Intel i7, 512GB Samsung 970 EVO Plus and an Intel AC 9260 which is literally a 160Mhz WiFi card. I should be getting speeds up to like 100MB/s nooooo problem.

I can literally only get like 13MB/s when copying from my raspberry pi, running Dietpi to my laptop. THIRTEEN MEGABYTES per second. So about 10% of what I should be getting.

Honestly this is just ridiculous and don’t give me that “Samba” has issues blah blah. It never used to be this slow. It’s honestly one of the last updates to this distro that has caused this problem.

I think this is it for me guys. I can download literally via qBittorrent to my Raspberry Pi 4 at a speed of 95MB/s on my connection. But I can only copy to/from it at 13MB/s. Even if I use Filezilla instead of just Windows Explorer…

Seems other people have been having tons of problem with the copying speed too. So I’m not the only one.

Not enough support for this distro/project and I think after 1 year of using it. It’s time to change. There was nothing wrong with the speed 6+ months ago. After the last few updates it’s now terrible.

Well after one year usage of DietPi you should know it but DietPi is not an own Operating System or Distribution. DietPi is a bundle of scripts on top of a standard Debian installation. Nothing more. In case of RPi base image is Raspbian Lite. Means the whole software installation & update process is done the same way as on all other Debian distribution. Basically you could turn a normal Dieban into a DietPi by just running 1 script.

How is the speed if you try other protocol like SCP or FTP?

Firstly, I was never a developer for this thing so I don’t know its ins and outs completely.

Secondly, the site basically says its a distro. It’s a Debian based OS. That’s a distro. Whether you want to call it Debian with scripts or not, I couldn’t care less.

The point of this thread is feedback. Copy speeds were great. Now they aren’t. They’re bad. Very, very bad. My network hasn’t moved places and my hardware hasn’t remotely changed since I first started using this. All that’s changed is I’ve updated the distro, yes DISTRO from time to time. Roughly every 2 months. I have a fan and CPU heatsink for this thing, its temps are only 36C. I’m doing everything right.

About 2 months ago copy speeds started to get terrible. Doesn’t matter if I use Ethernet or WiFi. Doesn’t matter if I use Windows or Linux as the destination machine. Doesn’t matter if I use Samba or SFTP. The team should at least look into it. Either some compatibility or config issue or something. Though I see 256 issues on the Github repo.

It’s time for me to change. If the problems persist maybe I’ll get a new Pi or something, maybe I burned it out. Though I highly doubt it because I can still download directly to it at almost 100MB/s via qBittorrent. If this issue goes away on another distro, then it’s definitely some of these “scripts” causing issues. Samba and SFTP speeds used to be flawless, literally as high as my hardware could push them. Now speeds are literally all over the place, and I am even rebooting and stopping ALL other running services before copying and CPU usage is like 1% when I initiate the copy.

Anyway I’m done. I’ve done my part to help others in this community and written guides but after doing everything I can to try and fix it on my end, the last step is to give feedback and swap. Wish you guys the best in fixing all those issues reported.

DietPi for RPi is a Raspbian Lite. If you do an update, it will update as well all Raspbian components you have installed. Similar to a normal Raspbian Lite system.

Anyway I ask you again how copy speed is if you use other protocol like SCP or FTP.