Copy Entire SD to eMMC?

Hello all,
I’m running the Orange Pi Plus 2E with current DietPi. I have followed the instructions for copying a fresh install of DietPi to the eMMC, which works… But I would like to be able to copy the currently running SD over to eMMC in its entirety (like ARMbian with the nand scripts), as I have five Pis that I would like to clone (complex setup and files).

I’m sure this is simple, but I’m not sure how to make it happen.

Here are the instructions I followed to copy the fresh install to eMMC. How should I modify the source to copy the entire SD installation to eMMC?

#7Zip prereqs
apt-get install -y p7zip

wget '' -O image.7z
p7zip -d image.7z

#Write to EMMC
# - Following assumes you have no other files in this directory with name 'DietPi_v*.img'
#   (other than the one we downloaded above)
dd if="$(ls | grep -m1 'DietPi_v'*'.img')" of=/dev/mmcblk1

#Power off, unplug SD card, power on.

did your howto work?

That howto only copies over a fresh install of dietpi, without any of my customization or software.