Convert installed testing DietPi to stable


I have a NanoPi R5S running the testing image from one week ago. With the 9.1 releasing now, is it necessary/possible to “upgrade” my testing version to the stable version?


Seems to be no G_DEV_BRANCH in config files:

$ cat /boot/dietpi/.version | grep BRANCH

$ cat /boot/dietpi.txt | grep BRANCH

I think it’s a typo

Nope :wink:


G_DEV_BRANCH is a shell command that will automatically switch to the branch specified. In the case above master

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OK, my dev branch is already master from my last post, so I don’t need to do anything, right?

you should see current branch used within the banner.

The banner says it’s 9.1.1:smile::

yes this is master branch, otherwise it would have an addition like dev or beta

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Oh OK, because in the example G_CONFIG_INJECT is used.

As you can see above on the GitHub link I shared, G_DEV_BRANCH does nothing other than summarise the manual steps in a single function :smiley: