Connection refused after reboot

Hi all,

I’m using an oDroid HC1 and DietPi to downsize my home media server. I’ve successfully installed and booted up, and installed the likes of Samba and qBittorrrent. Then I’ve attached a USB hard disk containing my existing home media server files and started to copy them across to the HC1’s hard disk.

However, as soon as I do a sudo reboot on the machine, it refuses to allow me back in. I just get ‘Connection refused’ - and no amount of power-off resets on the HC1 seems to make any difference. It’s done this twice now.

This is almost certainly me instead of a problem with DietPi, but it seems a strange one. Has anyone any idea why the reboot would be causing such a problem? An issue with booting back up, perhaps, meaning that the OS never gets to the point where it can accept SSH logins?

Hope someone can help.

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Thanks for your report and sorry for the late reply.

This is why I’m no fans of SBCs without HDMI port: Hard to access local console, if the system does not reach SSH connectivity.

To sort out which step might have caused an issue:

  • I guess you went through system reboots before, when installing samba and qbittorrent?
  • Did you try to do another reboot just before you start with attaching the HDD and copying the files?

How did you attach/mount the HDD? Via dietpi-drive_manager or manually using “mount” command or adding it to fstab?
If an fstab entry has no “nofail” option and the drive is detached, boot will fail, missing the drive.