Connect to wifi after first boot

Hello, I’ve installed dietpi long time ago, and because now I moved into new home, I need to set up a new wifi.

As I cannot connect anymore with the running dietpi, I can only change the file system files, so I hoped there were like a first boot dietpi-wifi.txt file to update the connection.
I searched a bit but this reply is not really useful as it does not explain how to set up a new connection. And looking around on archwiki, updating the configuration this way involves a lot of troubles.
So I ask if is there any different way, or a simple guide on how to update wpa_supplicant

many thanks

easiest would be to connect a screen and keyboard to get access and to connect to WiFi using dietpi-config

yep, but I don’t have a screen too - only a couple of notebook. At the end I’ll go to buy an eth wire, for a 1 minute use.

theoretically it might gonna work to adjust config files from outside but this would require access to the ext4 partition on your SD card. Usually this is not possible on Windows/MacOS and would require another running Linux system / Linux VM.

can you have a look. I guess you know which files to adjust manually to get WiFi running.

It’s /etc/network/interfaces (IP, router/gateway IP or DHCP) and /etc/wpa_supplication/wpa_supplicant.conf (SSID and key).

With latest Windows 10 you can mount ext4 filesystems directly into the Windows Explorer via WSL2: