Connect to NFS server


I try to connect to my Synology NAS NFS server. I installed the NFS client in dietpi-config, but I can not connect.

When I do:

mount -t nfs /mnt/nfs_client

, it’s connecting like a charm.

I think I am using the wrong command in dietpi-config. What should it be?


I mount my QNAP in /etc/fstab with the following entry : /mnt/nfs_client nfs auto,_netdev 0  0

I use it to sync parts of my QNAP to my Odroid XU4 cloudshell.

I edited fstab like this: /mnt/nfs_client nfs4 auto,_netdev 0  0

but this won’t work either :thinking:

This works! /mnt/nfs_client nfs auto,_netdev 0  0

(change nfs4 into nfs)