Connect to 2 Networks

I am trying to setup Dietpi on a Raspberry P3 B+ with the ethernet connected to one router ( with address ( and wifi connected to another ( with address ( First attempt I set up ethernet static but wifi would not setup. Second attempt with a clean install and ethernet not plugged in I could setup wifi but than ethernet would not take static. I am attempting to replace a laptop with the Raspberry as a NAS. What am I missing or is this not possible.

Many thanks for your report.

Hmm actually as you use two different networks (IP ranges), this should work. But yeah aside from WiFi Hotspot setup, dietpi-config currently does not handle multiple active network adapters very beautiful. This is something we want to improve and handle more flexible in the near feature.

With v6.23 we implemented the possibility to place custom network configs inside: /etc/network/interfaces.d

Could you please paste: cat /etc/network/interfaces; ip a; ip r

In case it is best to remove the not working interface from that file and create it with correct settings inside /etc/network/interfaces.d as drop-in config.