Connect server with NAS storage(or gdrive if someone knows how to)

Hi guys! So I am trying to run a Plex media streamer from my RSP 3 B+, I want to keep the library up to date through my NAS(or GDrive if possible). It tells me that my NAS is NFS3 or something like that and I do not know what path I should put into the GUI.

The path where my music on the NAS is stored is \\Thomas\Musik e.g.

Is that the right one to put in there or do I have to provide some other path…I am confused

Jep is needs to be the full path on the server (with slashes instead of backslashes on Linux btw). \\Thomas\Musik is not a file path on the server but already a network path. But you can try that, so simply enter /Thomas/Musik then, I hope it works.

Otherwise you need to find out where exactly the files are located on the NAS as if you would access them via keyboard + monitor directly attached to the NAS and search them in file browser there. Depends on the NAS where to get this info, but I guess there is a web interface available where you can derive the info?

Thanks for the info, will give that a try! Yeah the Mybook has a web interface but I am not really sure what info i can gather there other than the paths which are already shown in my Windows explorer under the network devices menu :open_mouth: