Configuring DietPi on Xfinity Modem/Router

My Internet connection comes from my Xfinity cable modem/router. I was successful in assigning the DietPi a static IP address, but now I want to know exactly how to set it up so that any devices on my home LAN connect to the Diet Pi in order to access the Pi-Hole app.

The Xfinity interface doesn’t allow me to set the DietPi static IP as the targeted IP address when home users try to connect to the Internet.

Any advice? The Xfinity reps here are 100% clueless!

Thanks in advance!

–Larry S. Anderson
Tupelo, MS

Check if the ISP router has some field in the DHCP server options to change the DNS server (it usually advertises itself).
Another option is to disable the DHCP server of the ISP router altogether and use the DHCP server of Pihole.
Worst case scenario use only static IPs or isolate the ISP router by using an intermediate router.


many thanks for your message. As already indicated by trendy, you would have at least 3 options. It might be possible not all option are possible/valid, depending on your internet router.

  1. Inside your internet router, within internet connection settings, change upstream DNS server to point to PiHole.
  2. Inside your internet router, within DHCP server settings, change local DNS server to point to PiHole.
  3. Deactivate DHCP server functionality within your internet router and activate PiHole DHCP server.

Independent on the selected option, you would need to force a re-connection of your clients to be able the get the new DNS server settings. Personally, I’m using option #3.