Como usar real debrid

alguien sabe como usar real debrid en jacket y usar la cuenta para usar sonarr y radarr y descargar archivo para plex

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does anyone know how to use real debrid in jacket and use the account to use sonarr and radarr and download file for plex

Have you tried the Real Debrid Manager yet?
(GitHub - hyperbunny77/RealDebridManager: Lightweight automation of downloading .torrents using Real Debrid)

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la verdad que no y no le encuentro la forma de configurarlo con jackett o sonarr o radarr para que sea automático, pero si me voy a poner a investigar lo que vos decís

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the truth is that I don’t and I can’t find a way to configure it with jackett or sonarr or radarr to make it automatic, but I’m going to investigate what you say.

It looks like it is more like a torrent client interface…it monitors a torrent folder then stores data in a storage folder…not sure it interfaces with sonarr or radarr, check out the prowlarr which was designed for many clients

Prowlarr is an indexer manager/proxy built on the popular *arr .net/reactjs base stack to integrate with your various PVR apps. Prowlarr supports management of both Torrent Trackers and Usenet Indexers. It integrates seamlessly with Lidarr, Mylar3, Radarr, Readarr, and Sonarr offering complete management of your indexers with no per app Indexer setup required (we do it all).

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This link should get you going with debrid

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