Common Installation of Openmediavault and Pihole


I’m using Dietpi upgraded to the newest version.
Openmediavault is already installed and it is used for sftp and smp services.
Is it possible to install Pihole on this system without causing any kind of trouble?

Thanks for help.


Theoretically, it should work. Just make sure there is no port conflict using port 80. Otherwise, the installation of the web server will fail.

ss -tulpn | grep LISTEN

@Joulinar Thanks for your answer.

I installed OMV first and changed the port for the admin web page from 80 to 8080.
The admin web page of OMV is displayed using:

After this I installed Pi-Hole but the admin web page of Pi-Hole is not displayed by using the address:

Would it help if I post an output of bash with the command ss -tulpn | grep LISTEN

Don’t use HTTPS if not configured. Should be reachable on HTTP

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Thanks a lot for your replies.
in the meantime everything is going well.