Cloud sync

Is there a option to set up cloud sync like on the Synology
Or sync gdrive, Dropbox etc
At present I only use my Synology to sync to gdrive. So when we scan with printer it’s ftps, into Synology on local lan
Which syncs with the clouds in the sky
I want my diet pi to sync gdrive to a connected hard drive the I ftp the file into it

Anyone done it?

Have you looked at SyncThing? It has to be running at both ends so maybe not perfect for Google Drive or Dropbox.


Was looking at
But it’s above me

A bid more complex (and more feature rich) would be Nextcloud or ownCloud. But note that you cannot directly access it’s data via other sync protocols, ftps and such. You need, similar to Syncthing, their clients on both sides. Although it is possible to add Dropbox, Google drive, local/remote (S)FTP(S) directories and others as “external” storages into Nextcloud/ownCloud.

Looks like rclone is the simplest solution, if you really just need to keep external clouds with your local storage in sync.