chromium wont launch - no packages found matching bluealsa

Hey all, just getting going with dietpi, and I have a new setup where I install LXDE and am trying to launch chome but it wont start.

I check the /root/.cache/lxsession/LXDE/run.log and I see the following when I tail it after trying to launch chrome

dpkg-query no packages found matching bluealsa

and chromium does not launch. I think that is what is preventing the app from starting.

Any suggestions?

could you give some more details on your system pls

Required Information
DietPi version | cat /boot/dietpi/.version
Distro version | echo $G_DISTRO_NAME $G_RASPBIAN
Kernel version | uname -a
SBC model | echo $G_HW_MODEL_NAME or (EG: RPi3)

Where do you have the issue eaxtly? Do you like to start Chromium on LXDE desktop or via autostart or on CLI?

Here are the details you’ve asked for. I’ve transcribed them by hand…

Hope this helps some.

cat /boot/dietpi/.version

bullseye 1

uname -a
Linux DietPi 5.10.60+ #1449 Wed Aug 25 14:59:20 BST 2021 arm6l GNU/Linux

RPi B (arm6l)

You missed to answer my questions

Where do you have the issue eaxtly? Do you like to start Chromium on LXDE desktop or via autostart or on CLI?

Oh I have tried all the ways now. I see this when I try and run from the command line, while LXDE desktop is running

# chromium-browser
dpkg-query: no packages found matching bluealsa
Illegal instruction

could you have a look pls. I guess bluealsa is not available on Bullseye RPi B (arm6l)

Why the hack is Chromium expecting the Bluetooth ALSA driver :thinking:. Indeed it is not yet available on the Bullseye suite :frowning:. Try to install it manually:

cd /tmp
curl -sSfLO
apt install ./bluealsa_0.13_armhf.deb
rm bluealsa_0.13_armhf.deb

not really fixing the issue MichaIng , just changed the error message

root@DietPi1:~# chromium-browser
BlueALSA detected - Disabling audio sandbox
Illegal instruction

Okay, so it is only “laudly” checked whether BlueALSA is installed do apply some workaround while the actual issue is a different one. Chromium just got upgraded yesterday:;O=D

Maybe it is the libraspberrypi issue backwards? :smiley:
Although I guess libraspberrypi0 is up-to-date, isn’t it?

The error does not show up on ARMv7.

Verified error on RPi Zero W. So the binary seems to be ARMv7 only, accidentally (?). Fits to the error message as well. I’ll report to RPi devs.

Dammit now I forgot to test the older package:

cd /tmp
curl -sSfLO
curl -sSfLO
apt install ./chromium-{browser,codecs-ffmpeg-extra}_92.0.4515.98-rpt1_armhf.deb
rm chromium-*

Okay the older build fails as well. Reported:

Thanks for raising this up to that team.

Is there a suggested dietpi release that I can downgrade to in the meantime?

DietPi don’t have a real release that could be installed. We have the master branch that is the current version. Therefore you can’t downgrade DietPi. In addition, there is no relation between DietPi release and software package. DietPi is installing apt packages from global source like Debian or Raspbian. Means you will get same version of chromium on all DietPi version.

It seems that Chromium did never work on ARMv6 Bullseye models, at least not with the last two package releases. Earlier releases as well conflict with the new FFmpeg and librasperrypi0, which implied a breaking change. Only the newest Chromium package works with the newest libraspberrypi0 package.

So I’m afraid there is no easy solution until the RPi devs fixed the Chromium package. With the FFmpeg packages this happened quite quickly.

A workaround would be to use Debian’s Chromium package in the meantime:

apt purge --autoremove chromium-browser
apt install chromium

It does not have hardware acceleration support on RPi, but as long as you do not rely on fluent video playback, it should be fine.