Chromium Webcam "Requested device not found"

Hi Folks,

I’m trying to get the webcam running on Chromium for google meets.

On firefox the Webcam recognize as “mmal service 16.1” and running perfect.

On Chromium i get only the message “Requested device not found”.

Both testet on the Website

Please could someone help me fixing that problem.



RPI4 2gb Ram

Testet the same setup with “raspberry pi os” and everything is working!

Still not working! Anyone else with same issues?

Many thanks for your report.

On Raspberry Pi OS, did you install the “chromium” package or the “chromium-browser” package?
DietPi-Software installs the letter, which comes from the RPi repository (instead of Raspbian) and has better GPU acceleration support. But probably it has downsides as well.

Also with which user did you login to the desktop session? To access the camera the user needs to be member of the “video” group. On Raspberry Pi OS, the “pi” user is member of it by default, the “dietpi” user is not: usermod -aG video dietpi. When logging in as root it should work (permissions-wise) OOTB of course.


First of all, thank you for your reply

On Raspberry PI OS i did not install anything. It comes out of the box with Chromium. User: PI

On Dietpi, i was able to connect the camera on Firefox ESR but not on Chromium. User: dietpi

I will Check if the group was the problem and reply her for other users :slight_smile:

It should be the same package then, but to be sure it could be checked with: dpkg -l | grep chromium

That it works in Firefox indicates that it is not a permissions issue, but good to test it regardless.