chromium doesn't tear off

Good morning, I need some help from friends, before the chromium browser was crashing, I formatted the pi4 Device model : RPi 4 Model B (armv7l) DietPi v7.4.2 : 12:29 - Wed 07/28/21 now the chromium doesn’t tear off


can you be a little bit more specific on your issue. Chromium Browser is not something DietPi specific. It’s installed as apt packager from Raspbian repository.

Good morning friend, the translation from Portuguese to English is strange, it simply does not start, does not open anything when clicking the mouse, please give me the command line to install

Usually you should be able to install Chromium Browser using DietPi software.

yes it was installed this way, but it doesn’t open


Please open a terminal emulator and try to start Chromium from there:


If it fails, please paste the related terminal output here.

Unable to login
This browser or app may not be secure. know more
Try using another browser. If you are already using a supported browser, please refresh the page and try logging in again.

I guess you are trying to login to Google services? This is a known limitation of the chromium browser on Linux OS. There are many messages on the web regarding this behaviour. Not something DietPi or Raspberry OS specific.