Chromium AutoStart Command Line

Hello, I have a problem with the custom script on my OrangePi Zero. The problem is that when I restart the OrangePi Zero, it does not run the script automatically until I logged in SSH.
When I connect in SSH it puts me this note.

When I disconnect from PuTTY it stops the applications started by the SSH script

All this does not happen to me with the Raspberry, works perfectly with Raspberry.

Ideas ?

I’m having the same problem as Djodu.

Any ideas on a solution?

Hi guys,

Thanks for the report, appears to be a bug our end, requiring login to exec script. We’ll get this fixed:

Hi, but how should I update/reconfig my system? Dietpi 152 doesn’t work well with .
I had try to change rc.local file by replacing password with correct one, but it still same behaviour.

I entered this line of code into the file, but at reboot it says “chromium - command not found”.
I installed chromium with the “apt-get install chromium-browser”.

Is there a bit of code that should be preceding this line in order for it to execute?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

I think you have to provide the exact location of chrome I believe it’s /bin/chromium or maybe /usr/bin/chromium(you might have to locate it)