Cheerleading: amazing little OS and tools

General shout out to those who work on this project, it is super nice. I know its “just debian” but it is so well put together as a whole SBC environment thing that makes it pretty amazing.
I just today was looking to sync two drives (an actual data backup) and was struggling what I wanted to do, set up rsync with cron etc, snapshot etc… Then there it was dietpi-sync. Amazing and saved me so much time setting up my own solution.
Also I have been irritated by all the blinky lights on the rockpro64 and there it was, in the dietpi-launcher, led config that can shut off the leds, amazing. Thank you.
This is just the little tidbits, of course I am already using dietpi on a rock64 24/7 for pihole, slimserver on the rockpro64, syncthing across the local network.
My next adventure is to turn off the ethernet blinky lights