check network configuration and MAC address

How can one check the current network settings and MAC address? ifconfig is not available. Is there a utility in DietPi that display this information?

networkctl status eth0


ifconfig deprecated.

But you can use ip commands to show network status/settings like

ip a

networkctl is not showing as a valid command on my dietpi headless minimal install.

you mean something like following error message?

root@DietPiOPi5:~# networkctl
Failed to connect system bus: No such file or directory

this is expected as we don’t install dbus by default. Furthermore we don’t use systemd-networkd as we use ifupdown to manage the network interfaces

i ended up installing net-tools with sudo apt install net-tools. Then Ifconfig worked and shows the MAC address as the listing ether.

Without installing anything you can use ip link show to see MAC addresses of your interfaces.

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