Cheapest way to start

Hi. I just discovered your distro. It’s awesome, very well optimized and feature-packed. Thanks for your work.
I want to ask something. What is the cheapest (supported) board to buy? I just need something to run a ftp server with low traffic.

OrangePi PC $15. Although, i wouldn’t recommend it for a first board due to small community.

Raspberry Pi 2/3 (£25-30) is a good starting board with a big comminuty. If you only plan to run FTP server, then you could consider the RPi 1 (single core).

However, if you can afford it, the Odroid C2 (£40) is much better for a file/ftp server (2ghz quad, 1gbit LAN) and in my opinion, the best all round SBC (single board computer) available at the moment.

If you want to go “all out”, then the Odroid XU4 (£75) with its USB 3.0 ports means you’ll get max transfer speeds on external USB drives. With the cloudshell case, its a stunner :slight_smile:

Thank you for the comprehensive answer!
It’s not my first board, I have a RPi1 and I use it for everything and it suits my need pretty well: pihole, ftp, transmission, remote ssh, a telegram bot I wrote to watch my surveillance cameras, all kind of testing I like to do etc.
I need to deploy several ftp server with low traffic, so I was looking for something basical.
I saw this Orange Pi PC, it seems very cool, a lot of thing in just on board.
Do you have any suggestion on where to buy? The cheapest place or maybe some shop you have a partnership with (to support you).
Thanks :smiley:

I wish lol.

It really depends where you are in the world. In the UK I use:
OPi = Google. Its the only way to find a supplier that ideally originates in your country.
RPi’s =
Odroid = , or direct from Hard Kernel in Korea if Lilliput don’t stock it

Ok, I’m going with a Orange Pi PC from aliexpress. I will wait a long time :thinking:
Thanks for your support and good luck with the release 120 :wink:

Finally my two Orange Pis arrived. I must say I love it. Your distro is awesome, really fast and clean. Everything is ready to go. Thank you.