Cheaper alternative to NordVPN


DietPi-NordVPN is both easy to use and 100% reliable. An all-round wonderful job. However, might it be possible to create something similar for more affordable VPN services? Supporting services like Proton and Mullard can give users a $60-90 pa saving. At least some of which users (like me) could donate to Diet-Pi.

Thanks for considering this request.



If I’m not mistaken, Mullard support to download client config files for WireGuard as well as OpenVPN. At least WireGuard can be configured as client and is available via dietpi-software already.

[It’s actually spelt Mullvad. Sorry if there was any confusion. Don’t know what I was thinking.]

Mullvad does offer both OpenVPN and Wireguard, but the setup seems a little complicated for this bear of little brain. My request is for something as easy to configure as the DietPi-NordVPN with its simple GUI. Super easy to add details and change the server.

not sure if something like this will be available on short notice. If you have the WireGuard config file, it’s quite easy to get the client running.

I imagine it’d be a real hassle to create a version for each provider. Instead, might it be possible to adapt the NordVPN client to support two or more VPN providers? With the user selecting their provider from a list.

the whole NordVPN script is build around NordVPN. Adding more provider would mean to redesign whole script

Good news, we’re redesigning the whole script. Starting with the next update (or very soon if you use the dev branch), ProtonVPN and any generic .ovpn file will be supported. See

Fantastic. Thanks for all your efforts. I don’t know what I/we would do without you. Actually, that’s not true, I know exactly what we’d be doing: banging our heads against a wall in frustration after another failed attempt to wrestle a raspberry pi into some sort of semi working order. Or at least I would.

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