changing x86 hw, keep disc?


I have dietpi x86 version running on a ZOTAC ZBOX CI547 Nano (Intel Core i5-7200U dual-core, Intel HD Graphics 620) and will change it to a Zotac ZBOX CI662 Nano (Intel Core i7-10510U quad-core 1.8GHz, up to 4.9GHz, Intel UHD Graphics (Integrated).

Is it possible to just swap the disc? Or do I have to reinstall from scratch?

Thx for any insight.


in theory it might gonna work as you will stay with the architecture. Just give it a try :slight_smile:

This is what I guessed… Will do then.

EDIT: Thankfully also starting from scratch is so easy with dietpi <3

pls let us know how it is going and if you succeed. :sunglasses:

Received the new unit, installed SSD. Connected external backup SSD, ethernet.

All OK. just faster.

thx for sharing and good that it is working that way :sunglasses: