changing to new SD (bigger)

Hello guys,

What is the proper way to migrate data/OS to a new SD-card? (my old SD has only 550 Mb free, it’s a 8 Gb SD). I have a dietpi-backup (on USB-stick) and could do a restore on the new sd (on which i have a new/clean install of DietPi)

I would like some advice :slight_smile:

Greetz: Patrick

can you mount an external drive (or USB), then do a backup…put fresh install in, mount external drive (or USB) and import the backup? sounds like you already did that)

If you want…you could just use windiskimager and make a .img of the smaller disk…flash it to the bigger disk

I do believe there is a way to resize the partition to fill up the new larger disk once booted
possibly under dietpi-drive_manager