changing nextcloup url

I would like to know how can i change the defaul url for the nextcloud application. Right i use https://webaddress/nextcloud/. I would like to change the nextcloud part of the url address like https://webaddress/something/.
I have changed the url in nextcloud config.php but it does not work.

well I guess you need to adjust the directory on web server inside /var/www as well as web server configuration. But I need to say I never tried something like this.

Probably additionally this does it (in case Lighttpd/default webserver is used):

mv /var/www/nextcloud /var/www/something
sed -i 's|/nextcloud|/something|g' /etc/lighttpd/conf-available/99-dietpi-nextcloud.conf
systemctl restart lighttpd
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thank you so much. worked like charm

Great. Be aware that /etc/lighttpd/conf-available/99-dietpi-nextcloud.conf is overwritten in case of a Nextcloud reinstall via dietpi-software. But it is not required anyway unless you need to repair it for some reason.

Happy new year 2022 btw :slight_smile:.

I am configured custom subdomain for nextcloud but i have to use for the access. I want to use move nextcloud folder contents directly to /var/www. I am planning to use subdomain with root folder.

Is that possible?

root@DietPi:/etc/nginx/sites-dietpi# mv /var/www/nextcloud /var/www/
mv: '/var/www/nextcloud' and '/var/www/nextcloud' are the same file

Yes, they have also example configs in their docs

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Be careful with just copy past the example configuration as we have set own configuration files. Like the one shown on NC in subdir wiki. This one might need to be adjusted. Just to copy the root folder will most probably not work and break the system

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Should I move Nextcloud folder contents to a top level folder or is that something to solve with nginx configuration file?

This would require rewriting Nginx configuration files to create a VirtHost entry for Nextcloud