Changing DietPi User in scripts

Hey folks,
I deleted the DietPi User and switched to a personal one.
When running command by dietpi-software or other scripts sometimes the old / deleted diepi user is used.
I checked the scripts and global variables but can’t find where the dietpi user is refered.
Can you tell me how to change dietpi to my personal user?

The dietpi user and group is at least used by many dietpi-software for shared permissions, so you should not delete it. But aside of that, other scripts should rarely make use of it.

I plan to either make it a system user or remove it (and stay with the group only) in the future and instead allow to create a custom non-root user for regular login sessions. Until then as said, I recommend to leave the user in place and instead just ignore it. You can disable its login shell to deny logins: usermod -s $(which nologin) dietpi