Change the name of network device

Hi reallt cool distro - I can see a lot of work has gone into it.
For some reason my eth0 device on my Rpi B is being weird. both lights flash, tested with many cables and a different switch, I’ve given up on that.
So I plugged my USB To Ethernet which worked and popped up on eth1, cool that makes sense, copy eth0’s stanza in /e/n/i to eth1 and ‘ifup eth1’ - cool, gets a link right away.

My ultimate goal is to make the Rpi an AP - so I thought I’d use the script in the software dialog, however the script for that doesn’t believe the eth1 is a good connection somehow and tells me to run the network config (which understandably wipes out eth1)

So - I’m looking to either understand /etc/udev a bit more and get it remove eth0/rename to eth1 - or change the script to allow eth[0-9]. I had a look at what I thought the script where it looks for the network device currently up, but couldn’t quite get understand it.

If not I’ll probably just follow the manual instructions to make an AP.

Well, I had some time so I went ahead and configured it myself, bit of a slog though. mnust have gone through 6-7 tutorials before hit a good one.
protip: run hostapd /path/to/conf.conf on the command line as the ‘service’ doesn’t bother printing any errors.