CEC on Odroid N2+


I just installed DietPi on my brand new Odroid N2+, which is plugged to my TV and runs Kodi (installed with dietpi-software).
I want to use CEC to control Kodi but nothing happens when use my TV remote. Is there anything I need to do in order to activate it or something ?

It worked right out of the box on my old Raspberry pi 2 running Raspbian (which I replaced with the Odroid N2+), with the exact same TV and the exact same HDMI cable.
The Odroid is supposed to be CEC compatible, right ?

Thank you for your help !


Any idea ?
Is this even a software issue ? Or does it concern the hardware only ?

Thank you

Did you install cec-utils?
If yes, does it find devices with cec-client -l?


No it doesn’t. The result is:
Found devices: NONE