Case for OwnCloud Server

Hello All!
Finally i’ve settled up all my system, and I’ve designed a case for my OwnCloud Server based on Raspberry Pi.
I’ve used Design Spark from RS to design it.
Basically I’m using a RPi2 plus two Hard Disks.
One is brand new from Seagate:

The other one is one old off the shelf that I have here around for months, so I’ve just buyed an external case and used it as a Backup.

The case is divided in three pieces, mainly for space and printing time reasons.
You have a case for cables, central and end case. All the pieces are designerd to self lock each other.

Attached you will find all the files, as soon as I will finish the print, I will share pictures of the result.
Feel free to modify and adapt the case to your own needs!

Hope this can help someone.
My printer is this one:

And this is the filament used for the printing, extruder temperature is 200 degrees Celsius, 50 degrees Celsius for the heatbed.

Here you can download all the files:

Happy New Year!

Very cool!


Looks neat.