Can't update from v7.12 (VirtualBox VM)

I’m running an instance of Dietpi in a Virtualbox VM. Updates to v7.12 ran fine, but I keep getting a error when trying to upgrade to a newer version.

My Linux knowledge is minimal so I’m not sure how to fix. Looks like an error when reading the package lists (see image below). Is there a quick way to fix or should I just download the latest image file and start over?



your system time is not in sync. Pls try to update your system time as follow

/boot/dietpi/func/run_ntpd 1

Ran that command and I get “OK - Network Time Sync - Complete”. Error still the same though. Any other suggestions?

well the error message is clearly showing a time difference of a couple of days. Ensure correct settings.

Check your system time again using date command. It should display actual time and date

Try to clean the cache and retry the apt update

/boot/dietpi/func/dietpi-set_software apt-cache clean
apt update
apt upgrade