Cant Update from 8.5.1 to 8.6.1

Here is the log i get from error.

I have rpi4 4GB memory, model B

With 8.5.1 have no problem running everything.

bad message while trying to stat a man page file. Can you check:

dmesg -l emerg,alert,crit,err

Here the results

there are some file system errors/corruption. can you try following

> /forcefsck
# then after reboot
journalctl -t systemd-fsck

Btw: there is no need to do screen prints. You could copy/paste messages directly from SSH terminal.

I hope this help

try following and if possibile copy the output from SSH terminal, to avoid doing screen prints.

/boot/dietpi/func/dietpi-set_software apt-cache clean
apt update
apt upgrade

It is work just fine … no errors

Can i make an update now to new version ?

Yes that should be possible now.

OK the update works just fine.

Thank you for your help.