Can't see extenal drives

Hi. I want to use DietPi on a Raspberry Pi file/media server I’m setting up. DietPi is installed on a sd card. I have 2 drives connected via a powered usb but neither are recognized. I’ve seen the command line way of mounting drive (install ntfs-3g, sudo…) but 'll be adding 6 more drives and I am very terminal-phobic. Cut and paste is okay, a gui is best. That’s why I’m trying out DietPi! (with LXDE of course) With everything DietPi does, maybe I’m just missing something simple. A few “apt” error dialog boxes popped up during the installation that might be related I don’t know enough about Linux to understand what they meant.

Hi Jack,

DietPi is currently designed to allow for one dedicated USB drive. During the 1st run of DietPi, you would of been asked if you wanted DietPi to setup this drive for you.

We do have plans in the future to improve DietPi, which will allow you to easily setup multiple drives:

For now, as you are using 2+ drives, you will need to manually add these entries into /etc/fstab. Unfortunately, its not a copy and paste job.

You will need to find out:

  • Filesystems on the drives?
  • Are they being formatted?
  • Do they have multiple partitions, if so which partitions are we mounting?
  • Their UUIDs? So we can mount by a unique drive ID.
    You will also need to create a mount directory for each drive.

Heres a guide for doing this: You will need to use blkid instead of vol_id. If you have not installed vim, you can use nano instead of vi.