can't see desktop over Windows remote desktop

Have a RPi4. Installed TigerVNC and LXDE desktop. When I log on with remote desktop, all I get is a blank RDC screen - I don’t see any desktop with content.
Am I missing something? Is there something more to isntall?


any reason for using Tiger VNC? On RPi you could use RealVNC which is working quite well

Anyway if you like to use Windows RDP Client + TigerVNC, you would need to install xRDP as well.

Thanks for your help.
I tried the combinations of VNC and desktop programs you suggested. Didn’t help. Still can’t see a desktop GUI.

This is really all I am looking for:
What combination of VNC and desktop GUI program do I need to be able to logon via Windows RDPC and see a desktop GUI?


The easiest way is to install RealVNC only, using dietpi-software. On your desktop you need to install RealVNC client.

Hi -Thanks.
Did that. Now I get “cannot currently show desktop” in RealVNC client when I log on to the dietpi.

You need to add :1 after IP address


does this mean it’s working now?