Can't mount USB ExFAT drive

Big pi noob here, well, I’ve been messing about with my Pi 3 model B for a while, but never got very far with linux, being a Windows pleb mostly.

Anyway, diet Pi seems more my speed and I’ve now got nzbget, sonarr, radarr etc up and running. Last piece of the puzzle is to mount and share a 64Gb Sandisk USB stick as storage. I’ve formatted it as ExFAT, installed exfat fuse and utils, but it still won’t show up under

df -h

in order to get the drive ID

It does show up under


, if I’m not mistaken, as I can see 'Sandisk Corp. Ultra Flair, and it’s a Sandisk memory stick

Have I missed installing something, or should I choose another filesystem?


many thanks for your request. In general just plug the USB stick to your device will not make it usable / available. For this you would need to mount the stick. This can be done using DietPi Drive Manager. Next to that I would recommend to use ext4 instead of exfat as this could lead to issues on renaming files using Sonarr. See link below.

Thanks for the tip!

Where is the drive manager accessed from? I googled briefly earlier and had a look around but I couldn’t find it.

you can use dietpi-drive_manager


if still needed some more information about DietPi Drive Manager


Running DIETPI on a ROCK64 with LXDE. Same issue - plugged in a 16GB USB drive with a FAT filesys and didn’t know what to expect. The PI LXDE (thru Raspbian) appears to automount the USB filesystem to /media and then provides an icon to hit to unmount the USB drive. Using dietpi-drive_manager worked fine and provides a manual method for mounting/unmounting USB drives to /mnt. Thanks for the information!

USB drives are not mounted automatically if they are connected first time. They need to be mounted using drive manager once.