cant logout of Nextcloud


fresh install with RPi-Buster img.
Installed Pihole, No-IP and Nextcloud (in that order).
everything is working except logout of Nextcloud.
on logout nc shows a error page wit “access denied” and “CSRF check failed”.
Url in browser shows

any tips what the problem could be?


it seems to be a NextCloud issue. So might be better to report if over there. I just googled for the error message and already found some entries.

After 4 hours of searching the web i found a solution.

it seems lighttpd is the problem.

ind the lighttpd.conf the line

"url-normalize-required"  => "enable",# recommended

needs to be chanced to

#"url-normalize-required"  => "enable",# recommended

as far as i understood the problem lighttpd changes “+” symbols into spaces in the token so nextcloud thinks the url was manipulated and doesnt accept it.


Thank you!
After correction in lighttpd.conf, you have to restart lighttpd:
/etc/init.d/lighttpd restart

just for reference a GitHub post related to it