Can't load desktop GUI

I’ve installed and re-installed Dietpi over hyper-v several times but unable to load the GUI desktop

I boot, then answer the survey questions, etc. and finally get to a screen that suggests three commands. One of them is dietpi-launher, which I typed in. (I think I am in root because there’s a ~# at the end of the prompt). I then have a screen that gives me a choice to set an automatic log-in for lightDM-login-mask. When I select that, and exit, It returns to the prompt. I figure it’s done so I shut down and restart and end up with a blank screen.

What have I done wrong and how do I fix it?

Did actually installed a desktop software. If yes, which one?

LXDE I now get a quick GREP, an then some sort of status screen in the corner. ^C brings me to what I think is the root prompt (~*).

Clicking on the LXDE square on the software site says type ‘startx’. That gives me errors.

pls can you share following

dietpi-software list | grep " =2 "

After changing the keyboard to US, I typed in the command. It took me to a blue screen with a cursor blinking in a black stripe at the bottom. Hitting that took me to the config screen; backing out of the config screen takes me to the same blue screen/black stripe.

It shouldn’t be this hard.

Honestly I don’t know what you are doing and which screen is display. If you are not getting more detailed, I’m not able to assist further. It would be a good idea if you at least could share something like a screen print or the output from SSH terminal

Simply copy the following command and execute it on a SSH terminal

dietpi-software list | grep " =2 "

This should give a list of installed software title. Just copy the output from SSH and past it into your response.

I’m not using SSH. I am installing via hyper-v on windows as a VM,

I start the machine, watch some code run, and get this:
Accept the agreement, some code runs, opt out of survey and password change and get this:
A screen comes up and has an option to install software. I choose it, and then choose a desktop program on this screen:
It returns to this screen and I select ‘OK’
This screen appears and I select ‘OK’
Some software runs, holds at this screen for awhile,
then proceeds to a survey screen for which I opt out, then finishes at this screen:
I enter the command “startx” and got this screen: (I hit ‘ENTER’ a few times afterwards):
I now appear to be at the command prompt.

Now what?

This is the terminal login screen. There you need to login to be able to execute any command.

Btw, you can use SSH as well on a VM.

Sorry, I hadn’t finished the post when you responded. I was checking to see if the images would be available.

on the software section screen, you would need to hit install to get software actually installed.

And still my request to check what software has been installed currently.

dietpi-software list | grep " =2 "

As I stated above, I selected ‘OK’ on the software install screen.

I can now hit ‘ENTER’ on my keyboard and get new prompts each time, but the keyboard does not echo keystrokes. In the past, I’ve stopped the machine in Hyper-V and restarted it. Should I do that now?

Try using SSH. It should be way easier to do something on the VM. Reboot is always a good thing.

SSH: with grep command:

what do I do from here to be able to manage dietpi via a GUI?

I did some testing on HyperV. Looks like the video driver is missing. Could you try following

apt install xserver-xorg-video-fbdev

btw: There is no need to do screen prints if you are using SSH to connect to your VM. You could simply copy the SSH terminal output. This is way better readable.

After running the startx command the SSH screen returned with no prompt and a cursor. SSH does not allow me - or I don’t know how’ to copy the screen text, so here’s another grab. I’m using SSH via Putty. I do see the GUI on the Hyper-v screen.

I was able to re-establish SSH and log in while the GUI appears on the Hyper-v screen.

I believe you are saying that the problems I’ve been having (aside from having no knowledge of linux) were due to an incomplete installation package.

A misunderstanding. In general you can start a GUI from a SSH terminal. But the GUI is loaded on a “real” screen and not on the SSH terminal. On a VM case (like HyperV), Desktop is loaded on the HyperV GUI. In case of startx, just enter the command into HyperV. As an alternative, use dietpi-autostart to set the GUI to start on boot.

I believe you are saying that the problems I’ve been having (aside from having no knowledge of linux) were due to an incomplete installation package.

This is more a challenge of our install procedure. Something our developer needs to look into. Nothing you could have changed or influenced

Well, I’m going the Windows route for now; I can’t face trying to learn Docker and linux after this.

just for your information. We will provide an update on next DietPi v8.1 to have correct packages installed on HyperV systems. Desktop systems should work ootb afterwards.