Can't install software - get asked to change startup and password options

I just started using Dietpi. I get to the DietPi-Software page, select “Software Optimized” packages (I just chose Wireguard), hit OK, then scroll down to Install. Hit Enter.

I get to “DietPi is now ready to install your software choices” so I hit OK.

Then I get “Do you want to adjust the default global software password for DietPi-Software installations?” page.

If I cancel out, I just get sent back to the DietPi-Software screen, with nothing installed.

If I change the passwords, I also get sent back, nothing installed.

Is this normal behavior? What am I doing wrong?

Sounds like:

Solved: The dietpi-software whiptail menu is so small that the last entry is not visible, which need to be selected. Please us the up/down arrow buttons and navigate to the very last menu entry, which is “Install”. This will finish first run setup.


From v6.26 on the firstrun dietpi-software call with have correct screen dimensions, fitting the attached screen/session window.
However images need to be redone for this, since the dietpi-update is done within the same script which is then already loaded.