Can't get wifi working on RPI3


I had an older version of DietPi (158), on which wifi was working fine. However, I cannot get v6.4 to use wifi at all. I tried editing the dietpi.txt file before first boot to enter my wifi details - no luck. I also try to make changes using dietpi-config after the first boot and it will not permit me to scan available wifi - the screen simply flashes with no error. dietpi-config confirms that wifi is enabled.

I can confirm my router has WPA2 configured.

Connecting an ethernet cable results in a success.

Just to make sure there was nothing wrong with the hardware, I flashed an older version of diet pi as a fresh install and the wifi works just fine during first boot.

Can I get some help?

Similar issue here.
Previous version works fine.
Just format a new SD to test the new version.
Error message was “device not found” upon boot or dietpi-config
Confirmed hardware functional by swapping SD.


may I ask, which device is in use?

  • RPi3 B ?
  • RPi3 B+ ?

    Which image version was written to sd card?
  • DietPi_v6.4_RPi-ARMv6-Stretch.img ?
  • DietPi_v6.2_RPi-ARMv6-Stretch.img ?
  • DietPi_v6.0_RPi-ARMv6-Stretch.img ?

On-board wifi?
Or externel USB WiFi stick?


Here’s an image of the boot sequence showing the “Device not found” message.

I reported the issue here :
Let just see what is going on…