Can't get Pihole Working

I just switched to DietPi from Raspian and have everything I need working great except for Pihole.

I’ve followed the DietPi instructions to the letter and can access the Pihole admin page via PI-ipaddress/admin (PI-ipaddress/pihole doesn’t work). I didn’t set a static IP in the config since my router provides a static IP to the PI based on its MAC address. Finally, I uncommented the DNS nameserver line and pointed it to my ISP DNS (Comcast).

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?


Sounds like you may have installed PiHole using their curl based installer at some point? As their installer does not have a uninstaller (as far as I know), its most likely left configurations and settings on your system which are affecting the DietPi optimized installer.

Either way, lets try reinstalling PiHole:

  • Install PiHole through DietPi-Software.
  • uninstall PiHole through dietpi-uninstall, then reboot. This should completely remove any PiHole settings/files etc.
  • reinstall PiHole DietPi-Software.

I did a fresh installation through DietPi-Software and it works straight away with access to ip/pihole running on Lighttpd.

If problems persist, let us know.

Thanks for the info.

I did a clean install of DietPi, updated it, and then installed PiHole. Now I can access the admin page at Pi-ipaddress/pihole.

However, it doesn’t seem to be actually working. If I go to a page with ads, they are all still there. My router DNS points to the Pi.

On the client system (assuming its windows), do the following to check current DNS:

If your using DHCP on the client machine, you might need to reconnect the network (and/or reboot), before the new DNS set in the router will be provided.