Cant Get DietPi to boot on Orange Pi 5

apparently even though the Orange Pi 5 uses Rockchip RK3588S. the new 8.12 release will not boot this SBC. I let it sit for 20 minutes and nothing happened (side note It sat that long cause I went and made coffee in anticipation I would get back and it would be ready to rock and roll)

any ideas, tips, etc would be helpful

How did you intall DietPi? With the custom installation script?

Sometimes a power cycle helped at my devices, having a second “first boot”.

this assumes you have a working DietPi doesnt it.

I have tried power cycling a few times.

my install method was
download image from DietPi website
burn image to SD card ( used 3 different tools, Rufus3.21, balenaEtcher, and the dd command)
all 3 images failed to boot (even when power cycling)

I am at a loss … since I can download the official OrangePi 5 ubuntu jammy running 5.10.110 kernal from the orang pi website and it boot and runs just fine … but it seems to have a number of packages that have mismatched SHA512, SHA1 and md5Sum when trying to do update and upgrade
so I wanted to switch to a different distro

Question: How do you try to install DietPi? Because we don’t have any OrangePi image at all. I guess you need to install a plain Debian/Armbian image first. Once up and running, use our install script Supported hardware - Docs

No, this script is for turning any debian/raspbian installation into dietpi. As Joulinar already said, there is no DietPi image provided for Orange Pi.

It doesn’t make sense to post the very same information on 2 different platforms. This will just double our efforts. Pls stick to GitHub for now Make your own distribution script is failing on OrangePi 5 (rockchip 3588) · Issue #6017 · MichaIng/DietPi · GitHub

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