can't find owncloud in the list of optimized software

In the menu in the cloud /Backups section owncloud (#47) does not appear. It is disabled for some reason. I did a fresh instalation of dietpi, let it update and the owncloud option doesn’t appear in the menu.

What can I do?

Do you run a Buster image, or do you already have PHP/webserver installed?

The problem is that ownCloud does still not support PHP7.3, which is default since Debian Buster and as well on Debian Stretch we install it by default via repository.

Currently it is only possible to install ownCloud on Stretch system, and when no PHP/webserver is installed yet. PHP7.2 will be selected then. But I would not recommend to prevent another PHP version upgrade switch at later date.

I already talked to the ownCloud devs about that and PHP7.3 support has already been added to the master code, expected with version 10.3. Hopefully they release it soon. So I would either wait for this update or use Nextcloud, which supports PHP7.3 for a long time already.