Can't connect to a network drive

Required Information

  • DietPi version | BookWorm
  • RaspberryPi 4 8GB

I have succesfully installed DietPi. I have an Nvidia Shield TV Pro with an Emby server installed and a Seagate Epansion Drive plugged into the Shield. The Seagate drive is available as a network drive. I have the username and password.

My windows PC has access to the network drive without problem.

I have the path to the drive which I can see on my windows PC:

\\Seagate Expansion Drive\NVIDIA_SHIELD

I have had no luck connecting to this drive with my DietPi.

  • DietPi-Drive-Manager
  • Prompt 1:
  • Prompt 2: NVIDIA_SHIELD
  • Prompt 3: username
  • Prompt 4: password
  • Prompt 5: \\Seagate Expansion Drive\NVIDIA_SHIELD

Result: ERROR: No such path exists

What am I doing wrong? Is it because the name of my drive has spaces? I’m new to all this and I’m so lost!

I have successfully installed sonarr, sabnzbd and radarr but I just can’t manage to connect to the network drive. Thanks for any help!

Hello flapjack89 and welcome to the Forum.

In the second prompt you need the full path to the shared folder, and on linux you need to use forward slashes.
So prompt 2 should be: Seagate Expansion Drive/NVIDIA_SHIELD
At prompt 5 you set a location on your RPi where the drives gets mounted to, for example /mnt/emby (make sure the folder exists, if not create it mkdir /mnt/emby)

I have no idea if the whitespaces can make trouble, but it’s always a good thing to avoid them.

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I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to answer what must be, to a more experienced user a rather obvious and silly troubleshooting problem.

Your answer has cleared everything up for me and I was able to mount the network drive via the Samba client. I know my write speeds will be quite slow with this setup but I don’t really mind waiting.

It’s my first foray into linux and raspberry pi etc and it’s all new and exciting but rather confusing.

Thank you for helping me solve my problem. It also makes it much clearer now what each prompt is asking for anwa what’s actually happenning

Hey no worries, everybody starts at zero. I was in your position 2 years ago, I brought a RPi 3 and had only little experience with Linux and no experience with headless systems at all.
Then I found this forum here and learned a lot and I was so fascinated and had so much fun with this stuff that I started half a year ago a retraining to become an IT specialist :smiley:

And a valued member of the DietPi family

We had such a case some time ago. Based on this a fix has been applied to drive manager to allow spaces. So this should not be an issue (hopefully).

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