can't connect Raspberry PI 3 to my PC through Ethernet Cable

I install DietPI into my Raspberry PI 3 board, everything works fine, I can upgrade the software through the internet.
The issue is that the board can’t connect to my PC through the Ethernet cable directly. The PC side shows unidentified network Ethernet.
The board side don’t show the internet address using ifconfig. I tried to set static IP address, no lucky.
I modified the /etc/network/interface as below, no lucky
auto eth0
iface eth0 inet dhcp

I also disable the IPv6 , no lucky
Any advise, Thanks in advance


many thanks for your report. Do I understood you right that you connected your DietPi with a direct ethernet cable to your PC?? So it’s just 1 direct line between these to machines? No other router on the network?

Thanks you for your reply.
No router, Just directly from the board to PC.
Same board with NOOBS installed, no issue when the board connect to PC

Did you set static IP on both, your SBC as well as PC? On DietPi this can be done using dietpi-config

I use dietpi-config to set the default static IP on the board side.
I am sorry I don’t know what I should do on PC side and what the SBC means
It will be great helpful if there is doc for this
Please help.

SBC = Single Board Computer (eg Raspberry Pi)

On your PC you would need to set a static IP as well

Now Set the static IP on PC side : ----No lucky
Static and mask
I can ping this ip at PC side successfully

on the board side:
ping this IP , no response

What should I set on PC set ?

what did you set on your Board?

and you can ping on your board ?

get : from icmp_seq=1 destination Host unreachable

what is IP about ??

Now Ping successful

Now I can ssh into board, But it is failed when I do ping from board

Now I can ping to board from PC but I can’t ping to PC from board
Does it means that the dietPI only allow one direction communication?
please advise

I have Raspberry Pi connect to PC through the Ethernet cable.
After set the static IP for both side, I can ping (or ) SSH from PC to the board successfully.
The issue is that I can’t ping from the board to PC. there is no response.
Using Whireshark tool, I can see the IP address of the board continue sending ping request to ip address of the PC without reply from PC
Please help
thanks in advance

Do you have any issues besides the fact that ping is not working from your board to the PC?

No other issue, Just can’t ping from the board to PC
The problem is that there is no response from PC when I ping from the board to PC.
Using Wireshark, I can see the IP address of the board keep sending ping request to the IP address of the PC, no response from the PC
Please advise

Well if there are no other issues, it doesn’t make sense to further investigate why ping is not working from your board to your PC. Next to it, you see packages arriving from the board on your PC but there are no packages are sent back. Means, in general connection is working. But is seems your PC is not answering on ICMP request. Therefore my guess, that something is blocking this on your PC. Maybe a Security Suite or something else.

Pretty amazing that nobody knows about the need for cross over cables. The reason you have one way access is because the PC probably has a gigabit (1000) ethernet adapter, the Pi 3 has a “fast” (10/100) ethernet adapter. If both machines have gigabit there is no need for a cross over cable.