Cannot login as user "wim" anymore

Who is Wim?

My name is wim dukker and I work with linux since the 80 ths, with Raspberry since the last 5 years and with Dietpi the last 5 weeks. I would like to make my compliments to your community. It was a great experience the help I got setting up my user account and with solving my first issue, great!

My problem

I installed dietpi on my raspberry pi 4 with 4GB. The users on this configuration are, beside root and dietpi, wim and johan. The DE is LXDE. I configured an autologin for user wim (1001). The autostart worked perfectly and the LXDE environment came up without any problems. The system starts from an external SSD (240GB). I divided this SSD into two partitions; 1. the system partition (30GB) and 2. the Data partition for the remaining space.

Today I was searching around for the Simple Scan application, and out of the blue I could not login as user “wim” anymore. When I started the system I was prompted to login into the system. User 'wim" did not work, and I found that I could login as user “dietpi” and “johan”.

I removed user “wim” with the “deluser” command and added “wim” again with “adduser”, but without succes. I shuted down the computer ( power down) and restarted it, but with no success. When I start dietpi I am still promted with the (openbox?) login screen. What is going on on my system? I don’t have any idea what went wrong.

With many thanks in advance for all your help,

Did you set the autostart option via dietpi-config?
And how is your external SSD connected? Has it it’s own power supply? The USB ports of the RPi are known for not delivering not enough power in any situation, which can lead to data corruption and malfunctional systems.

You can also check your exisiting users with

cat /etc/passwd

Thanks Jappe for your fast reply :+1:.
Yes the autostart is set with diet-config. The SSD is directly connected to a USB port.
I have the same situation on my raspberry pi-4 8GB machine without any problems for almost a year.
:raising_hand_man: wimduk

Are you able to login on CLI with your user?

Thanks Joulinar,
I’ll try that tomorrow and let you know :raising_hand_man: wimduk

Good morning Jappe & Joulinar,
I have made some pictures about my login situation. In short; I am able to startup and login as root, dietpi, johan but not as wim. Change user from e.g johan to wim (su wim + password) works. See the picture for more details.
Many thanks in advance for your, and others, help
:raising_hand_man: wimduk

As you can see in the last line of /etc/passwd the user is existing. Maybe you got the password wrong? Did you set the correct keyboard layout? This can be important when you use special characters in the password.

You can change the password to a non-special-character one for testing, like 1234 or something and then change it back.

You can also check your keyboard layout with dietpi-config.

Thanks Jappe
I’ll try your suggestions and let you know the results, regards wimduk

Good evening Jappe,
I checked my keyboard with mousepad and all the special characters are oke (see uploaded picture). I intend to reinstall and configure the LXDE environment with the following comaands : 1. sudo purge lxde, 2. reboot and 3. sudo install lxde. Is openbox then also reinstalled or do I have to do that separately?
:raising_hand_man: wimduk
Keyboard is oke#2

I think it is better to reinstall it via dietpi-software:

dietpi-software reinstall 23

what about SSH/direct CLI login as user wim?

Good afternoon gents,
I have undertaken some troubleshooting but the results are not satisfying, see uploaded picture what I have done. I would like to say that your support feels like a warm bath :+1:

:raising_hand_man: wimduk

How did you created the user “wim” and “wim2”?

If you used useradd no password will be set nor will be a home folder created.
So I recommend to use adduser command, which will also ask for a password and other stuff.
Probably you were using useradd and without a password you can probably not log into the DE.

I recommend to delete both users and home directories and create a new one with the command adduser.

just had the same question in mind @Jappe

root@DietPi5:~# adduser wim
Adding user `wim' ...
Adding new group `wim' (1001) ...
Adding new user `wim' (1001) with group `wim (1001)' ...
Creating home directory `/home/wim' ...
Copying files from `/etc/skel' ...
New password:
Retype new password:
passwd: password updated successfully
Changing the user information for wim
Enter the new value, or press ENTER for the default
        Full Name []:
        Room Number []:
        Work Phone []:
        Home Phone []:
        Other []:
Is the information correct? [Y/n] y
Adding new user `wim' to supplemental / extra groups `users' ...
Adding user `wim' to group `users' ...

was able to login to desktop using XRDP without issue.

Thank you very much for these valuable answers, because I was not aware of the two different formats of adding a user.
Keep you informed about my progress.

User wim is up and running correctly. Thank you both very much for your great help.
:+1: :raising_hand_man: wimduk

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