Cannot install DietPi - Out of space, Pi V1, 4gb SD card

Okay I think I figured it out.

My previous instlall hung and I had to reboot. That wasn’t great. All is good now, just reloaded the image and started the install with a lot fewer applications, problems solved for now!

Hi everyone,

I’m having one hell of a time trying to get my 1st gen Pi up and running. All was smooth, or so I thought.

Loaded up the install and I thought I was good to go.


Somehow DietPi is taking up almost the entirety of the drive and I can’t do a damn thing.

Attached is a screenshot

I’m going to try wiping the drive and starting over, but if that doesn’t work - what went wrong?

Jep 4G is not too much, especially when a swapfile is enabled (which is default). You could run dietpi-drive_manager, select the drive > swapfile and enter “0”. This frees 1.5G drive space, if your Pi has 512M RAM. Or you choose 512M swapfile to at least have 1G overall RAM.

So it depends a bid on your use case. If you run low memory consuming software, you could disable swap completely, if your RAM usage on idle is > 50%, I would add at least a small swap.

Best and generally advisable is to add an external USB drive where you put your userdata and swapfile onto. So the SDcard just holds the core system and software.